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Sensei Morgan Duchesney

  • Godan /  Instructor License: Wado Ryu Karate (5th Dan Black Belt)
  • Godan /  Instructor Licence: Karate Jutsu (5th Dan Black Belt)
  • Sandan: Chito Ryu Karate (3rd Dan Black Belt)
  • Nidan:    Kenpo Jutsu (2nd Dan Black Belt)
  • Police Pressure Point Tactics (PPPT): certification
  • Ottawa South Director & Grading Judge: Canadian Karate Association
  • Certified in First Aid / CPR / Defibrillator 
  • Martial Arts Articles:

Sensei Duchesney has been a proud student of Hanshi Paul Leonard (9th Dan) and member of his World Congress of Shintani Wado Kai Karate since 2003.  As a young man was introduced to Shoalin Quan Fa (Kung Fu) while attending the Univeristy of PEI.  He practiced the basic techniques of this system for a number of years before joining Sensei Alberto's Bernabo's ottawa dojo in 1991. Since earning Shodan rank in 1996, Sensei Duchesney has dedicated over twenty-four years to deepening his understanding of martial arts technique, history and philosophy.

Main technical interests: 

The lingering effects and limitations of a severe knee injury and multiple surgeries inspired Sensei Duchesney to modify and customize his martial arts practice in an effort to prolong his personal practice and  teaching  activities.

He is aware that many injured and older people may consider themselves unfit for martial arts practice and wishes to provide a venue for these learners since most techniques can be modified for individual needs. This practice, in fact; occurred each time a new Karate system was created according to the needs and taste of the senior student inheriting his master's role. Therefore, this practice is both well-established and even vital.

Modifying kata applications for use in practical self-defense and specialized classes for women and learners with physical and/or psychological challenges. 

Teaching "court defensible" techniques of reasonable force to students of any age, size and physical ability including learners with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

Adapting martial art weapon techniques for self-defense with everyday objects.

Conducting children's empowerment seminars during events like the Canterbury Community Association's Pink Shirt Anti-Bully Day: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


Hanshi Leonard Inducted - 2020: Canadian Karate Association Black Belt Hall of Fame

Paul Leonard has dedicated himself to helping Karate students achieve success both as martial artists and productive citizens. Throughout the years, he has always placed students’ interests above his own.

Hanshi Leonard’s consistent loyalty, humility and genuine conduct guides the World Congress of Shintani Wado Kai Karate. This organization is dedicated to the advancement of Wado Ryu Karate Do as developed by its founder, the late Hironori Otsuka Sensei and Shindo as developed by the late Masaru Shintani Sensei.

Hanshi Leonard is also the highest ranking Shindo instructor in Canada. Shindo is Sensei Shintani’s blended art of Jo and Bokken Jutsu, designed to honor his mother’s samurai heritage.

Sensei Shintani (left) with Hanshi Leonard

Early Days

Born in 1946, Paul Leonard spent his youth in Kapuskasing Ontario. After marrying, he moved his family to Cochrane where he current resides with his wife Claire.  In addition to teaching Wado Ryu Karate Do and Shindo, he has been employed by the Timmins Daily Press for many years. As a young man, Leonard was a noted strength athlete who embraced Karate in 1971 after witnessing a demonstration by senior students of Hanshi Masuru Shintani.

Remarkable Strength

While travelling by rail Hanshi would carry his barbell plates in sturdy suitcases weighting over 200 pounds. He would often tease young porters who struggled valiantly with the luggage before relieving them of the burden. Hanshi’s hand strength was such that he once accidentally ripped the sleeve from one uke’s heavyweight gi.

Hanshi Leonard's strength is balanced by lightning speed and technical precision, especially when executing Shintani’s trademark tai sabaki techniques.  For example, Hanshi's double block and leg sweep combination spins his opponent off balance while he slips behind the stunned attacker. 

Meeting Shintani Sensei

Leonard’s 1975 meeting with Shintani marked the start of a bonding process that deepened as the younger man absorbed Shintani’s technical wisdom and martial philosophy. Leonard earned Shodan rank in 1977 and advanced rapidly under Sensei’s Shintani’s steady guidance. Eventually, Leonard became Uchi Deshi and upon Shintani’s death; the guardian of his Sensei’s Budo documentation, memorabilia and traditions.

In late 2007, Shintani presented Leonard with both his Hachidan and Kudan certificates in Wado Ryu and his Hachidan certificate in Shindo Jutsu, instructing him to wait a certain number of years before announcing each promotion. Just before his death in Hamilton, Sensei Shintani spent a month with Leonard in Cochrane where the two dedicated countless hours to refining Leonard’s kata, kumite and Shindo technique.

Hanshi Leonard has taught Wado Ryu Karate and Shindo to thousands of Canadians and guided lifelong students like Richard and Don Ouellette to success in provincial and national competition. Leonard’s many students in Ontario Quebec and Alberta continue this sporting tradition.


Hanshi Masaru Shintani, 10th Dan (Jūdan) was the Supreme Instructor of Wado Kai Karate in Canada and is founder of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF). At the time of his death he was the highest ranking Sensei outside of Japan. A direct student of Master Otsuka, the founder of Wado Kai, Hanshi Shintani devoted over 50 years to the study of Karate. He also held ranks in Judo (Sandan), Aikido (Shodan), and Kendo (Shodan). 
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